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DREAM Act Implemented Through Executive ICE Memo – (via Townhall.com)

By Katie Pavlich — 6/26/2011

According to our friends over at HotAir.com, the DREAM Act has been rammed through by an ICE Executive Memo despite its rejection by Congress and the American people twice.

A memo written by ICE Director John Morton and sent to all agents in charge, chief counsel, office directors and special agents, states ICE doesn’t have enough resources to deal with illegal immigrants who happen to be students, and therefore, they should have less of a chance of deportation due to the criteria used when making decisions about who will be deported known as “prosecutorial discretion.” According the the ICE memo:

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Jon Huntsman: McCain on Wheels (via Michelle Malkin)

By Michelle Malkin • June 22, 2011 09:45 AM

My syndicated column today dissects the media-manufactured candidacy of Jon Huntsman. While liberal reporters swoon, New Hampshire voters gave him thumbs down as he tried to gin up support yesterday. Here’s his pathetic explanation for calling Obama a “remarkable” leader. And via Allahpundit, check out the insipid, condescending Huntsman ad touting his “good,” “calm” demeanor. As opposed to the rest of us bad, angry conservatives who need to pipe down and get with the Obama/kumbaya program.

I mention the April 2009 Utah Tea Party in my column below in which Huntsman was booed for his support of the massive stimulus. Watch it again and refresh your memories. These are the folks who know Huntsman best:

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