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Do these loons really think we’re as stupid as they think we are?

blogteaser_obamahealthcarereformalternativeRemember when Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, at an afternoon news conference on the threat from Hurricane Rita to New Orleans, used the now legendary quote, “You are stuck on stupid. I’m not going to answer that question”?

The recipient of this verbal smackdown was a reporter who couldn’t stop asking about evacuation efforts – or the lack thereof — before Hurricane Katrina.

Stuck on stupid keeps rattling around in my brain as I’ve been following the national debt ceiling “debate” and also after the new jobs reports came out yesterday and today.

It would take a book to cover all the hypocrisy from the loons on the left concerning just these two issues. However, I don’t have the time or space in this little blog to cover it all, so I’ll just offer a few choice quotes. I looked them all up, just to be sure these people really said what they said.

So, let’s take a look at hypocrisy personified, and in a couple of cases, just plain old self-serving lies.


In 2006, before the Senate, House, and President George Bush dug our national debt hole even deeper, then Sen. Barack Obama said:

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”

Yep, he said it. As I said, I looked it up. He also voted against raising the debt ceiling. So did Democrat Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid.

Flash forward to 2011. In President Obama’s prepared text for his address to the nation, we find this:

“I want to speak to you today about a matter of the greatest national urgency. We face a crisis unique in our history. This threat comes not from a foreign foe or bloodthirsty terrorists, but is no less dangerous and insidious. No, this challenge to the American way of life comes entirely from within. And the damage it could cause is as catastrophic as it is unnecessary.

“I am speaking about the looming deadline to raise the debt ceiling of the United States.

“On or about August 2, the government of the United States will hit the $14.3 trillion limit on its debt. Never in our 235-year history has the United States of America defaulted on its financial obligations. Never has Congress failed to raise the debt ceiling in a timely manner. Never has Congress put the full faith and credit of the United States in jeopardy.

“Until now.

“In an act of reckless and unprecedented partisanship, Republican leaders in both houses of Congress have promised to block the needed increase in the debt ceiling unless an ever-shifting — and escalating — series of demands are met. At a time when this nation is fighting two wars and slowly emerging from its deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression, only now are Republicans demanding trillions in spending cuts which would slow our recovery, cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, and undermine our social safety net. Republicans insist that any new revenue from any source, even by closing tax loopholes for the wealthiest individuals and most profitable corporations in America, is ‘off the table.’

“If those demands are unmet, the same Republican Party which drove this economy into a ditch will drive it off a cliff. That is irresponsible and unacceptable. Congress should pass the $2 trillion increase in the debt limit right now and with no preconditions.”

Uh, excuse me, but isn’t the president trying to have it both ways? Does he really think we’re too stupid to notice the hypocrisy and lies?


I found the following two news reports about the newly released report on jobs and the economy. These are excerpts:

1. July 8, 2011 — NEW YORK (AP) — A rebound in retail sales and strong jobs reports pushed stocks near their highest levels of the year.

U.S. retailers had their best June sales results since 1999 as shoppers were lured into stores by warm weather and deep discounts. Kohl’s Corp., Target Corp., and Urban Outfitters Inc. each gained more than 6 percent.

Investors have been concerned that high gas prices would constrain consumer spending as people looked for ways to save money. The higher sales figures reassured markets that consumers were becoming more willing to spend again.

“The closest thing to an unadulterated barometer of our progress is same-store sales,” said Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at Harris Private Bank in Chicago. Same-store sales for the 28 retailers who reported them on Thursday were up 6.9 percent. “Everything is tied to it: Sales drives profits, profits drive hiring and hiring drives sales. It’s a neat, virtuous circle.”

An improving job market likely helped. The number of people who made first-time claims for unemployment benefits dropped last week to a seven-week low of 418,000, the government reported. That’s a sign that employers are laying off fewer workers. [END]

2. July 8, 2011 — WASHINGTON (AP) – Hiring slowed to a near-standstill last month. Employers added the fewest jobs in nine months and the unemployment rate rose to 9.2 percent.

The economy generated only 18,000 net jobs in June, the Labor Department said Friday. And the number of jobs added in May was revised down to 25,000.

The latest report offered stark evidence that the recovery will be painfully slow. Businesses added the fewest jobs in more than a year. Governments cut 39,000 jobs. Over the past eight months, federal, state and local governments have cut a combined 238,000 positions. [END]

Now, maybe I’m just dense, but these two “news” reports were filed by the same news organization on the same day. Do these people live on different planets, or what?

No, it’s simply the main-stream media being the main-stream media. Due to their little brains full of mush being filled with liberal lies from their leftist professors in journalism schools across the country, their first inclination is to view everything through the only prism they know; loony left propaganda.

Notice the information for the first article had just been faxed, along with their designated talking points, for a report issued on Thursday. In this one, using all the numbers but one, they paint a rosy picture that everything looks just hunky-dory, and all is well on Planet Obama.

In the second report issued on Friday, though, there was that pesky little jump in the unemployment rate. Hummmm … no way to get around that one. So, after all their usual loony-left reporting options were squashed, they had no choice but to report the truth, well some of it anyhow. Although they were forced to report that the number of jobs added in May was revised down to 25,000, they conveniently “forgot” to include the April figures. If you include those, the number of jobs added was revised down to 44,000 for the last two months, or about half of what was originally reported.

OK, we’ve looked at the loony left’s hypocrisy and lies. Now let’s take a look at old-fashioned stupidity:

President Obama’s senior political adviser David Plouffe said Wednesday that people won’t vote in 2012 based on the unemployment rate.

“The average American does not view the economy through the prism of GDP or unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers,” Plouffe said. “People won’t vote based on the unemployment rate, they’re going to vote based on: ‘How do I feel about my own situation? Do I believe the president makes decisions based on me and my family?’ ”

Is this guy for real? Are you as speechless as I am? It’s like living in an alternate universe.

No matter how you cut it, this guy is REALLY stuck on stupid.


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  1. The voters will decide these issues. I live in Ohio. We have a Republican Majority. We’ve had it for a long time. The new Governor came in on a “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” platform and immediately proceeded to eliminate thousands of “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,” with budget cuts. I guess Presidents are capable of some factual misrepresentations too, The most recent Republican President was often reported to have mastered that ability. Yes, there is craziness on both sides of the aisle; always has been and always will be. Can’t change human nature. I don’t know what the outcome of all this will be, but I don’t think I, for one, am going to do much to change minds that have been made up on issues for long periods of time. Either this bunch will get together and hammer these differences out or the expected credit crisis will occur and then we can all enjoy the new experiences that is sure to bring. I can get by. I have lived in desperate poverty before. I know how
    to survive. But others? Who cares about others? Liberals care about others! That is why we had the “Entitlement” programs. I really believe that if all the moneyed wanted a solution to all this, they could pool their resources and bring the country out of this. I will bet that altogether, their worth far exceeds that of a mere government. I ask the rich who benefit the most from America, What Would Jesus Do? Of course we all know that the rich have no obligation to do more than they have already. That is not the point. I like Mr. Buffet’s attitude. If they were all like him, these problems would have never occurred. Oh well! I am nobody! I am a loon. I am a Liberal.So, what would you expect from someone like me? Let’s get on with this and pave the way for The Second Coming. Jesus is what counts. All this stuff that is going on was predicted in Scripture centuries ago. We are in the end times now. It won’t be long til those seals start to break and those angels start pouring those vials out on the earth. Then all attention will shift away from the petty little problems of nations. Can’t wait!

    Comment by john liming | July 8, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank you, John for your contribution. You sound like you’ve bought into the loony left idea that they, and they alone, with their big-government and income distribution ideas, are the only thing that will save us from catastrophe. You also sound very pessimistic, my good friend. You shouldn’t be. I was saying to someone just a few days ago, all we have to do is, as a nation, turn back to God, seek His face, and He will once again bless this great nation. He promises it in His Word. I don’t know who or what the “moneyed” are in your comment, but if you’re talking about the “rich”, you’re wrong. The government could confiscate every nickel the “rich” folks own, and it would only run this loony, out of control government less than two months. As for charitable contributions, Americans in general, and Christians and conservatives in particular, are the most generous people in history. Look it up. Could we all do more? You bet!! And we should. However, it can’t all be done by the government. People, who are created in the image of God, have it in their very nature to yearn for freedom and dignity. Nothing can offer those things better than a job, not a government handout. Johnson’s “war on poverty” proved that. It destroyed families and created more poverty, not less. Be optimistic, my friend! Together, if allowed to posses the tools to do so we Americans can get this nation back on the right track, both economically and Spiritually.

      Comment by Don Smith | July 8, 2011 | Reply

  2. Alternate Universe, huh? That is exactly what this feels like to me, as if I went to sleep and everything wasn’t too bad, then all of a sudden nothing makes sense!

    Comment by loopyloo305 | July 8, 2011 | Reply

    • I feel the exact same way, loopy! It’s the Twilight Zone.

      Comment by Don Smith | July 8, 2011 | Reply

  3. i wrote an interesting article about politics
    i usually don’t even attempt to because of the passion of both sides.
    Though i cant help wonder how the world might be different today if
    Gore had won that election in 2000.
    I think jeb bush might have been in the whitehouse now..
    its a quick read sure to piss of everyone 😛


    Comment by TurnRich Comm | July 8, 2011 | Reply

    • Uuuuhhh … That hurt! I just read your blog about Algore. Although I’d rather have all my teeth pulled without Novocaine than to think about it, I suspect that had Algore won the presidency instead of Bush, there would have been no “war on terror” at all, in Afghanistan nor Iraq. Our troops would have been put under the full control of the United Nations, as well as major sectors of our economy. Instead of debating our wealth redistribution among our fellow Americans, we’d instead have redistributed our wealth among the other nations of the world. Combustion engines and fossil fuels would have been outlawed, so our economy would have gone down the toilet before the end of Algore’s first term, and we’d have become the poorest nation in the third-world. And yes, Obama would never have been elected president. He’d have long ago had to move to Kenya and live with his brother in his shanty town shack. In fact, I suspect many Americans would have joined them there. The 14 million or so illegal Mexicans would have simply returned home. China would now be the world’s only superpower, and would have accelerated their buyout of America. They’d probably own it all by now. Oh, the pain, the pain!!! I can’t think about it anymore.

      Comment by Don Smith | July 8, 2011 | Reply

      • Did I really read the following? (“And yes, Obama would never have been elected president. He’d have long ago had to move to Kenya and live with his brother in his shanty town shack. In fact, I suspect many Americans would have joined them there.”) Is that the entire case from the Conservative side against this President? I remember when a high ranking Republican leader stood in front of television cameras a short time back and said something to the effect that the entire program of the Republicans is focused on making sure that Obama is not in The White House in 2012. That, somehow, does not seem a substantive plan for effective governance. Is that what lies beneath the surface of everything else that is being said and done from that side of the aisle? Is that the main goal? Is all the rest just smoke and mirrors to hide the real motives? Did I really read that quotation?

        Comment by john liming | July 8, 2011 | Reply

        • I’m afraid you jumped the gun a little bit here, John, and failed to recognize a little tongue-in-cheek fun mixed with some whimsical exaggeration … Well, a little bit of exaggeration, anyhow. I was replying to TurnRich Comm’s blog about what might have been if Al Gore had won the presidency in 2000 instead of George Bush. It certainly is NOT “… the entire case from the Conservative side against this president.” It has nothing to do with “… a substantive plan for effective governance.” Or anything else you mentioned. I’m telling you again, my dear friend, you need to get rid of your deep-seated pessimistic outlook on life. You need to just chill out, relax, and enjoy life. It’s just too short to be wasting time and energy being so bitter. God bless.

          Comment by Don Smith | July 8, 2011 | Reply

  4. ( leftist professors in journalism schools across the country— the standard of the entire civilized world with the sole exception of the paranoids on the Right who have created their own little fantasy world with Folded Noise and other “Alternative” sources of manufactured “Myth Information” for the under- educated and the easily led minority called “Conservative.”

    Comment by john liming | September 21, 2011 | Reply

  5. Do these loons really think we’re as stupid as they think we are? Not exactly! We know for sure that you are! No thinking about it!

    Comment by john liming | October 1, 2011 | Reply

  6. The blog author wrote: “OK, we’ve looked at the loony left’s hypocrisy and lies. Now let’s take a look at old-fashioned stupidity:” and I reply, “Yes..let’s!

    What kind of smarts does it take to see that the past 24 months has seen a continued growth in the U.S. Economy and this has so unsettled the Far Right that they have had to change their attack against the President’s handling of the Economy back to their old political workhorse, “Abortion and Gay Rights” and other purportedly “Moral” issues.

    A word about the “Main Stream Media.” “Main Stream” means that this is the media that most people trust and have trusted for decades. It is the media that has led and informed America through Her best and her roughest times. Main Stream Media is to be differentiated from the relatively new Far Right-Created Media (Myth Media) that constantly blows distortions 24-hours a day in order to keep the talking points of the Right alive.


    Comment by americanliberaltimes | April 3, 2012 | Reply

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